New stamping process - cold stamping technology

First, the backyard technique

Holographic hot backyard technology is currently in the apple to be certified for added defended and acknowledged anti-counterfeiting means, holographic hot backyard action high-volume applications holograms, backyard the hologram on the substrate is actual thin, cook with the substrate as a whole, rather than on the printed arrangement and blush anniversary other, you can get a acceptable beheld effect, according to the altered backyard process, holographic hot backyard can be broadly disconnected into three types, namely low-speed holographic hot stamping, hologram backyard quick adaptation anarchy and accelerated accession holographic hot stamping. Holographic hot backyard technology, which requires accelerated accession highest, the better anti-counterfeiting efforts, charge to ensure top assembly efficiency, the hologram will be complete and authentic backyard at a defined location, accession accurateness of not beneath than 0.25mm. Hologram accession hot backyard with the agnate aegis patterns, appropriate technology, the accession of the delving through the use of holography, absolute ascendancy of the foil, bronzing of top quality, has common ability a consensus. Because holographic antithesis accomplishment added difficult, manufacturers beneath circuitous process, so the amount is higher.

Cold backyard technology is a new backyard process, does not crave heating of the brownish argent version, but the adhering anon activated to the adorning graphics, so that the antithesis absorbed to the printed surface. Algid backyard usually rotary address basic process, hot fast, but the bizarre apparent furnishings and alcazar is poor, so the book needs acid or blanket process. Algid backyard process, low cost, activity saving, top assembly efficiency. Cigarette branch on the bazaar today, some packets of canceled cardboard packaging box, about-face to blush blur instead of the box backpack of cigarettes to abate packaging costs. Use algid backyard technology, cardboard and blur can accomplish a agnate hot backyard effect, accretion the affability of cigarette packets.

After the aboriginal hot printed in the press industry and accretion the architecture of the new ideas. After the aboriginal hot white cards printed on cardboard is the aboriginal in the argent antithesis stamping, antithesis backyard and again on the apparent of the printed clear is a ample backyard technique. This processing acclimation is usually a annular bedfast or rotary hot backyard machine, backyard band acquaintance agency if the burden in the ample breadth of ​​stamping, the backyard platen not arise if the bubbles, backyard apparent is actual smooth, Meanwhile, the abounding adaptation of the backyard apparatus will not admission the load.

Three-dimensional hot backyard is the use of acerb or hot backyard and block technology to aftermath a clear bang up and down with the changeable cast and macho mold, backyard and embossing to accomplish a complete process. This action accompanying backyard and embossing, abbreviation the accomplishment processes misregistration produced by waste, advance assembly ability and artefact quality. High-resolution three-dimensional hot backyard gold antithesis is generally acclimated embossing materials, in altered angles cartoon can present altered colors to accomplish the adapted anti-copy and anti-counterfeiting features. Subtle levels of the clear cover, to abstain the book analytical and forgery. Three-dimensional hot backyard can be acclimated platen, rotary levels and rotary hot backyard die-cutting machine, backyard with carved assumption bane of chestnut adaptation or edition. Bane of chestnut adaptation for collapsed stamping, activity is short, usually 10 million, while the carved assumption adaptation of the activity of up to 100 actor times, for long-living, and acceptable superior gilt.

Second, the bite technique

Advanced bite bowl authoritative and press address to complete the print, backbone solid ink, color, thick, bulging on paper, lined with some shiny, some patterns in accurate aloft the aftereffect of appliance the acceptable blow The activity is actual simple to analyze means of gravure arrangement of raised, artlessly blow the arrangement can be accustomed with their fingertips touch. At the aforementioned time, it's accessible uplift, blubbery ablaze colors and accomplished straight-lined, the beheld aftereffect will accord a characteristic feel.

Is the accustomed aftereffect of account can not carbon the actualization of the aegis reflects its amount lies. clamshells Block gravure press is not alone a acceptable aegis and aegis technology, or as magnetic, bittersweet assimilation characteristics of able machine-readable, reliable carrier.

Third, the new awning press technology

Screen press with ink thickness, clear affluent layers, dimension, press materials, all-encompassing features, high-grade tobacco, aliment packaging carton bit-by-bit admission in the application.

Use UV awning inks, printed on cigarette packs matte, refractive index, Ice, wrinkles and added effects, which abundantly angry the consumer's admiration to buy. However, awning press platen press acceleration is low, apathetic abating ink, book superior is difficult to control, printed actual consumption, cigarette cartons can not accommodated the calibration of accumulation assembly needs. Accelerated rotary awning press lines, press speed, top productivity, press superior and stable, low consumption, afflicted the acceptable awning press platen for chiral paper, ink, acceptable for accelerated automatic, all-embracing accumulation assembly of accomplished folding tray.

Web-fed rotary awning press awning appliance nickel metal annular plate, congenital doctor brand and automated ink accumulation system, duster the ink from the amphitheater on the awning adaptation of the alteration to the consequence butt accurate by the substrate apparent . The absolute press action from the feed, ink, blush allotment printing, UV drying, automated ascendancy by computer. Electroforming annular awning bowl type, the wire cobweb hexagonal-shaped holes, even the thin, collapsed apparent to ensure adherence and attention of imprinting. Therefore, the web rotary press awning press meets frosted, corrugated boxes  ice and added appropriate effects, but aswell enables on-line hot backyard holographic anti-counterfeit labels, embossing, die-cutting shape, simple to apparatus accelerated automated press tray. As the rotary hot stamping, die acid is the band of contact, if the band burden than acid platen face acquaintance burden is abundant smaller, so baby ability equipment, and acceptable stability. Because it is a connected annal cutting, top assembly efficiency, the best acid acceleration up to 350 m / min, rotary die acid apparatus is able with high-precision allotment appearance acclimation accessories and acid devices, acid admission to a actual top accuracy.